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[[I had to ok I watched this dang movie four times already]]

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A Headcanon Concerning Rocket Racoon (and Groot)


So we know Rocket Racoon can understand Groot’s phrase of ‘I am Groot’ in much the same way that the kids in that old TV show understood Lassie’s barks. And this leads to several conversations that to the other characters (and us) seem comedically one sided.

But what if Groot IS just saying ‘I am Groot’? What if Rocket doesn’t possess the magical gift of translation because there’s simply nothing to translate?

Groot often seems to act as Rocket’s conscience, reminding him of his moral obligation to his comrades. In this headcanon, Rocket is projecting his conscience onto Groot, and having these ‘debates’ (such as whether to abandon the group, etc) with himself, not with Groot.

He uses Groot to externalise his inner conflicts and come to his own conclusions.

Not only does this add even more emotional complexity to Rocket’s character, but it raises questions as to whether Groot is aware Rocket does this, and, if so, whether he knows that his companionship is far more important to Rocket than the racoon will ever admit (or perhaps even understand himself).



'Where are we going?'


'Into Darkness'.



Prince Robot IV in action!Costume by ContagiousVideo Footage by Distractotron


Prince Robot IV in action!

Costume by Contagious
Video Footage by Distractotron

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The last time I posted original content on this blog was March 23rd. That’s how long it took me to think up the George R.R. Martin joke. 


George R.R. Martin’s Theme Song:

Everyday I’m Shuffling (your favourite characters off this mortal coil)’


Derby’s Second Annual Mercian Cup


Hello! Thanks for clicking!

So, this weekend was Derby’s Second Annual Mercian Cup, and despite the fact that I have currently lost the use of my thumb, I maintain this was one of the strangest and best tournaments I’ve ever been to, and this is including a tournament in which I dressed up as Black Widow going to prom and played on the same team as Spiderman, the Joker, Bane, and Captain America, among others. (That one was still really good, though, SHSU!)

As usual, I feel I must begin with some disclaimers, so that you know exactly where I’m coming from and better understand why my commentary is the way it is.

Full Disclaimer: I did not play any sports before quidditch. I have been playing quidditch for three years, two of which were spent in the American Southwest (SW) region and one here in the UK. I am not a bad player (though I certainly have my off days), but I am not the sort of player that will make a US national team any time soon. All of my American tournaments save World Cup VI took place in the SW, and I have only played one full tournament in the UK, which was the Northern Cup. I have been lucky enough to play with Derby and Loughborough during practices and things, though, so I’ve gotten some more games in since Northern Cup.

tl;dr: I am not an IQA Analyst, nor am I some sort a quidditch deity. However, I’d like to think I’m not entirely incompetent.

Now that that’s over, we can begin.

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This basically sums Amy (nowimagineababydragon) up. Puppy + sleep = Amy.

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Interviewer: as long as we’re talking about tour stories, you’ve got to tell me one about the sign on the Sunset Strip. In Los Angeles they have gigantic billboards advertising records. The re are 20, 30 of them right on Sunset Boulevard, on the strip. What was that like?

Bruce Springsteen: It was just real ugly looking

Interviewer: tell them what the sign was

Bruce: it was just a sign, it was like an advertisement. They put up, like, those big advertisements, they paint your face real big and out of shape. Your nose is big enough, they made it 10 feet long and like it was just funny. It was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. 

interviewer: it was just a big picture of you?

Bruce: oh no, it was words and stuff too. So I said, OK guys, we’re going to hit the sign. We’re going to get some paint and we’re going to hit the sign. I don’t know if we were a little drunk or what was going on, but we came back home and I said tonight’s the night. It was two or three in the morning and I said whoever wants to go and hit the sign, come on, we’re going to go now. So we all - Clarence says he wants to go. It was me and him, Garry and some of the guys from the crew and the road manager, we all went down there. We had bought all these cans of spray paint. And we went down there, and the building was wide open and it was vacant. It was real strange. And the elevator was working and everything. 

Interviewer: you had to get way up to the top where the sign was, right?

Bruce: yeah, well, the sign was like six stories up and then up on a frame. Some of the guys went up the fire escape, they didn’t know the elevator was working. And we went up and walked up, we figured it was going to be a locked door or something. The elevator opened up, we went up a flight of stairs and there we were out one the roof, and there it was. It was just big and bright. So we all went up there, we climbed up there. There was a ladder that climbed up to the sign. We just got out the paint and started to work on the thing. And then we wrote “Prove It All Night”, and I wanted to get, I wanted to write E Street, the band’s name up there, so Clarence says, well, get up on my shoulders. So I got on his shoulders and we’re like six stories up, five stories up, and I’m saying, Clarence, you tired yet? He says no, I got you, Boss, I got you. Clarence - I’d do a letter - are you tired yet? He’d say no, no, I got you, I got you… I looked back and it was nothing but the pavement. But it was fun to do. 

- Dave Herman, syndicated radio interview on King Biscuit Flower Hour, July 9, 1978. 

Love it !

"Clarence, you tired yet? He says no, I got you, Boss, I got you." 

This is the best. How much do you want to be there?

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Because it’s a pretty song :3

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You cover


Scrolling down your dash until you hit porn is like digging down in Minecraft until you hit lava.


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