The Italian Job of bedtime snacks.

The Italian Job of bedtime snacks.





Whoa, scientists have finally uncovered the identity of Jack the Ripper 

I don’t normally reblog things, but this is simply too interesting to not make a note of! Read more at the Independent or the Mirror

This is so misleading that it is frankly a lie.

First of all, “Scientists” haven’t solved anything except determined the results of a DNA test—matching a still-living descendent of the sister of a mental patient with a 126-year-old semen stain on the shawl of a single woman thought to be killed by the Ripper.

  • The idea that they could have a “100% match” is highly tenuous at best; siblingship is a tricky thing to discover through DNA to begin with, and vastly more so when you take into account that they’re testing the descendent of a sibling. There’s a reason that whenever possible, geneticists prefer to test a parent as well as a sibling, given how many DNA loci are recombined to form a sibling’s DNA. They also “matched” the shawl’s owner’s bloodstain to her “three-times great-granddaughter,” proving again a “100% match.” 
  • The DNA evidence has not been independently verified by any authorities.
  • The shawl itself, the one and only piece of physical evidence, has not been independently verified. It “is thought” to have been part of the case.
  • The lead detective on the case is not a detective. He is a self-proclaimed “armchair detective” and history nut. 
  • He is selling a book about this. It doesn’t take an “armchair detective” to realize that a book about looking for Jack the Ripper’s identity is not going to turn a profit without showing “conclusive proof” that they’ve found the killer. 
  • His only other proof is the fact that Kosminski was recorded as a suspect in the 1800s by the police, who were notedly anti-Semetic (Kosminski was a Polish Jew). 
  • This “study,” if it can even be called that when the information was clearly biased, was reported in the Daily Mail and the Mirror, not exactly shining bastions of journalism. Look for it to be discredited very soon. I’m betting Cracked’s “B.S. News Stories that Fooled Your Facebook Friends” gets there within a week.
  • The apparently brilliant scientist that has pioneered this new DNA matching technology, Dr. Jari Louhelainen, is hardly a standout in his field. He is not decorated, has received no awards or fellowships that I’ve been able to find, and is a professor at a college that has turned out only one notable alumnus in the scientific field, ever (and she is an astrophysicist). 
  • Even if the shawl and its two spots of purported DNA were not obviously of over-inflated importance (and if they could be verified), that is far from saying the mystery of Jack the Ripper is solved. All that would be in today’s courtroom is a single piece of circumstantial evidence for ONE of five serial murders.


  1. The newspaper that reported this is a tabloid.
  2. The “detective” is an amateur with a book to sell.
  3. The “scientist” is a lecturer at a new university in England that focuses on sports.
  4. The “evidence” is over-hyped and far from conclusive.
  5. The “evidence” only points to Kosminski for ONE murder out of five.

This is not research. This is sensationalism. The mystery of Jack the Ripper is far from solved.

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Rest stops on highways are liminal spaces where the veil is thin and nobody can tell me differently


The explanation is that liminal spaces are in between places that bridge Here with There, so in fairy tales we often…

*geeks out over liminal spaces and their roles in rituals and mythology*


steve rogers + cards against humanity (insp.)

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[[I had to ok I watched this dang movie four times already]]

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A Headcanon Concerning Rocket Racoon (and Groot)


So we know Rocket Racoon can understand Groot’s phrase of ‘I am Groot’ in much the same way that the kids in that old TV show understood Lassie’s barks. And this leads to several conversations that to the other characters (and us) seem comedically one sided.

But what if Groot IS just saying ‘I am Groot’? What if Rocket doesn’t possess the magical gift of translation because there’s simply nothing to translate?

Groot often seems to act as Rocket’s conscience, reminding him of his moral obligation to his comrades. In this headcanon, Rocket is projecting his conscience onto Groot, and having these ‘debates’ (such as whether to abandon the group, etc) with himself, not with Groot.

He uses Groot to externalise his inner conflicts and come to his own conclusions.

Not only does this add even more emotional complexity to Rocket’s character, but it raises questions as to whether Groot is aware Rocket does this, and, if so, whether he knows that his companionship is far more important to Rocket than the racoon will ever admit (or perhaps even understand himself).



'Where are we going?'


'Into Darkness'.



Prince Robot IV in action!Costume by ContagiousVideo Footage by Distractotron


Prince Robot IV in action!

Costume by Contagious
Video Footage by Distractotron

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The last time I posted original content on this blog was March 23rd. That’s how long it took me to think up the George R.R. Martin joke. 


George R.R. Martin’s Theme Song:

Everyday I’m Shuffling (your favourite characters off this mortal coil)’


Derby’s Second Annual Mercian Cup


Hello! Thanks for clicking!

So, this weekend was Derby’s Second Annual Mercian Cup, and despite the fact that I have currently lost the use of my thumb, I maintain this was one of the strangest and best tournaments I’ve ever been to, and this is including a tournament in which I dressed up as Black Widow going to prom and played on the same team as Spiderman, the Joker, Bane, and Captain America, among others. (That one was still really good, though, SHSU!)

As usual, I feel I must begin with some disclaimers, so that you know exactly where I’m coming from and better understand why my commentary is the way it is.

Full Disclaimer: I did not play any sports before quidditch. I have been playing quidditch for three years, two of which were spent in the American Southwest (SW) region and one here in the UK. I am not a bad player (though I certainly have my off days), but I am not the sort of player that will make a US national team any time soon. All of my American tournaments save World Cup VI took place in the SW, and I have only played one full tournament in the UK, which was the Northern Cup. I have been lucky enough to play with Derby and Loughborough during practices and things, though, so I’ve gotten some more games in since Northern Cup.

tl;dr: I am not an IQA Analyst, nor am I some sort a quidditch deity. However, I’d like to think I’m not entirely incompetent.

Now that that’s over, we can begin.

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This basically sums Amy (nowimagineababydragon) up. Puppy + sleep = Amy.

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Anonymous said: Jack and Amy are absolutely adorable!


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